Monday, October 22, 2007

Portland Fashion Week

Regina, Dawn and I road tripped it down to Portland for the start of Portland Fashion Week. Sadly, we missed Friday's kick-off due to traffic being so bad in Seattle.

Saturday we spent shopping and roaming around town stopping in local shops and introducing ourselves. We went to the Sameunderneath warehouse sale in the Alphabet District and came across tons of adorable boutiques and restaurants. We met some folks at Souchi and Seaplane - two very nice boutiques in that area. We are anxious to get the Portland section of our site up and running...

After shopping we hailed a cab back to the Paramount Hotel and got ready for Saturday's PFW events. The event took place at Cascade Shipyard which was not a short cab ride away. It was pretty far out there.

Once we arrived we headed up some very steep metal steps and checked in for our press passes. Dawn and Regina were on the list but I was not. They let me in anyways after telling them I set it up with Tito. Our press passes were 3x5 cards with the words PRESS on it in black sharpie. No worries, we have our own official badges.

First person we ran into was our new friend Sydney (from Fashion First in Seattle) and her friend Jeff. We chatted with them for awhile and then decided to check out the VIP area. The VIP area had it's own bar where VIP's were allowed 2 free drinks, after that drinks were $9 (and not real big). There were 3 ticket prices. $25 for general admission, which meant standing for the show. $45 got you a seat and $100 for VIP which got you a front row seat and 2 drinks.

The main area was filled with people, young and old. (There were actually kids there with their parents.) Vendors were setup along the walls with their eco friendly wares and there was one large bar in the middle of the room that had a long line so we opted to not get in it.

The press was let in when the VIP's went in. I sat at the end of the runway on the floor (yes in heels and a skirt) next to Philo of He and Renee apparently had been there since 4:30 to make sure they got great spots for optimum picture taking. They got some great pictures, make sure to check them out!

The show was really good - I saw a lot of amazing items. Lizzie Parker from Seattle had her amazing pieces. That fabulous feather dress made an appearance! The other Seattle designer, Alula, was also on the runway. Loved it!! Tito from PFW had told me that they put the Seattle designers in Saturdays show to make it easier for them and for any Seattle media. Good planning on that one!

Duchess was this great line of men's suits. My favorite was the above purpleish colored suit - I would love to see my hubby in that!

The line-up was:
1. Lizzie Parker
2. Duchess
3. Nike Considered
4. Alula
-10 minute intermission-
5. Sameunderneath

Sameunderneath ended the show with a Who, What, When, Where, How classroom setup with pictures of friends being projected on the wall. The models sat in desks and a question would appear on the wall, What is Sameunderneath?, Who is Sameunderneath? etc... and they would all raise their hands. Once called upon they would walk the runway. I really enjoyed it. It was a great end to the show!

We didn't stay for the after party, we just headed back to go to dinner since we hadn't eaten anything at the show. (they had some snacks but it was for purchase).

We had originally planned to attend Sunday's show but decided to head back to Seattle around 3pm. I had lost my voice completely and the other 2 girls were tired and ready for home. We would love info on the Sunday - Wed shows if you have it!!

UPDATED: PFW has a slide show of the first night, since Liminist nor UFN were there...


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